We often get asked questions like: “what can I expect from you as a franchisor?” or “what are the benefits of buying a Well Polished franchise?”

It’s not a question we can answer in one sentence, but it is one we can answer confidently! In this article, we will explore the various advantages of choosing Well Polished and more broadly, choosing a Franchise.

Support & Guidance

One of the most commonly reported issues entrepreneurs face when they start their own business from scratch is loneliness and pressure. Working for yourself can be a daunting prospect, but buying a franchise gives you the best of both worlds. Working for yourself, but not by yourself. Business owners starting out have to be experts in all fields (sales, marketing, customer service, development, strategy etc…) or they have to pay someone else to do it for them. The beauty of a franchise is that your franchisor is there to support you throughout and help you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

With a Well Polished franchise, we take this support to the next level.

We operate a dedicated help desk throughout the week for all your queries, questions and requests for support following on from your initial training.

But we understand that in those first few months of running a new business, you may feel more secure having a dedicated mentor to guide you through your journey. Our franchise operations manager Ashleigh will act as your own personal mentor for any and all of your questions. Ashleigh ran her own successful Well Polished franchise for several years before joining the management team so you couldn’t be in better hands!


When you launch your own business, getting your brand name out there can be time consuming, expensive and require a lot of patience. Buying a franchise means that you are investing in an already well-known brand, so creating a buzz around your business is a lot easier than launching a virgin brand. But not only that, buying a franchise often gives you access to marketing experts that you would otherwise have to pay a lot of money for!

Here at Well Polished, we have a dedicated in-house marketing manager and an external digital marketing agency we partner with.

Not only do we manage very successful Google Adwords campaigns for our franchisees, but we also work hard to build up the organic presence for each territory using SEO techniques and content marketing.

In addition to this along with our high traffic and modern website, every Well Polished territory has its own dedicated Facebook and Google My Business page for additional advertising opportunities and building up a brand awareness. Our marketing manager looks after the weekly posting to your social accounts so you can rest assured that your advertising is taken care of.

New Initiatives

Throughout our 10+ years in business, we have constantly adapted and evolved our business model to not only be more efficient but also more effective. New initiatives including our bespoke management system, recruitment and ID checking processes and embracing technology in a way to make our franchisee’s lives easier and more simple are just a handful of ways we have evolved with the times.

You can learn more about how we’re modernising the cleaning industry by clicking here.

We are committed to continuing this evolution whenever we believe it’s required or beneficial to our network!

Finger on the Pulse

One of the great benefits of being part of a franchise network is that you don’t have to worry about being au fait with legal or legislative matters relating to your business industry.

Here at Well Polished, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to any law changes or new forms of legislation that could potentially affect our business model. Not only do we keep up to date with all these happenings, but we also ensure we have plans in place should any of them affect us.

When you’re trying to grow a fledgling business, the last thing you need is the stress of understanding legal jargon or court rulings. With Well Polished, you can focus on the day to day running of your franchise whilst we focus on the bigger picture for you.

Expansion Opportunities

We believe that successful and committed franchisees deserve opportunities to expand their business.

Once you achieve a certain level of market share, and you’re ready to grow further – we will always be willing to expand your franchise to offer more potential!

So, now you know…

Now you know what to expect from us, what do we expect from you?

Well, it’s quite simple really. We’re looking for highly motivated, ambitious individuals who are organised, hard working and committed to growing a successful business. You don’t need to have any business acumen, or previous experience of running a company – our training and support programme will help you to learn on the job – all you need is drive and desire!

If you’re interested in joining our network, get in touch today to understand more about the opportunity.