Well Polished has been operating in the franchise industry for over 10 years now, so we know everything there is to know about franchising.

But many people have never heard of the term franchise, or understand what a franchise actually is.

For would-be entrepreneurs, a franchise is a self-employment business opportunity. You start your own company trading under an established brand with guidance and support on everything from marketing to financial planning to HR.

For small business owners, franchising is a way to expand more quickly and cost-effectively than opening further company outlets, by granting people (franchisees) the right to run their own business under your brand and systems. Legal safeguards are in place to maintain brand control, consistency and protection.

There are lots of advantages in starting a franchise but the prime one is that the risk of your business failing is much lower than if you started a company from scratch. With a franchise, you can enjoy the independence of small business ownership while working with a tried and proven business idea.

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