As part of our sales process, we actively encourage all prospective franchisees to speak to existing franchisees and pick their brains on the opportunity we offer. Chatting with someone who is currently operating the business model, and has experienced the sales process, training and support that we offer can give an invaluable insight. Also, our franchisees will always be honest with you – running a business is never easy and they’ll be able to discuss the challenges they’ve faced, and give you a true picture of being your own boss (warts and all!)

With this in mind, we have recently appointed 7 franchise ambassadors, who are happy to spend that extra bit of time with a potential franchisees discussing their experiences.

These ambassadors have not only been chosen for their willingness to give up their time.

We have purposely chosen a group of franchisees who cover different age groups, different parts of the Country and have been operating their franchises for different lengths of time. Of course, we also wanted a mix of men and women!

So, let’s meet them!

Man smiling

Jack (Guildford Franchise)

Jack runs our Guildford franchise, and falls into our under 30’s category! We’ve seen a surge in recent years of younger would-be entrepreneurs joining our network and we love the energy and enthusiasm they bring with them! Jack has been running his franchise for just over 2 years now.

Woman smiling holding trophy

Kimberley (Leeds / York / Wakefield Franchises)

Kimberley runs three franchises with Well Polished and is one of our ambassadors who can advocate for being a mumpreneur! With two small children, Kimberley proves that having kids doesn’t have to mean you give up on your own ambitions, and she really hammered that point home after winning Franchise of the Year in 2019. Kimberley has been part of the network since 2018.

Man in a tuxedo

Bruce (Blackpool Franchise)

As one of our more mature franchisees, Bruce really proves that age should never be considered a barrier to a successful business. Having joined the network alongside his wife nearly 7 years ago, and assisting her in growing her territory, Bruce decided to purchase his own location back in 2019.  We very much enjoy the healthy competition him and Angela have!

Girl holding certificate

Charlotte (Sutton Coldfield / Tamworth / Lichfield Franchises)

Charlotte is proudly one of our youngest franchisees and is another shining example of age being no barrier. She only started with Well Polished in August 2019 and since then has not only grown her income significantly, but she also managed the best performance of the entire network in 2020 – which will always be considered our toughest year to date thanks to Coronavirus. Charlotte has since launched two other locations and is managing the extra workload easily!

Man in Tuxedo

John (Basingstoke, East Kilbride, Kilmarnock)

As another multi-location franchisee, John manages to continually grow his three territories and was another star of the 2020 struggle. John originally joined Well Polished as support to his wife over 5 years ago, but then very quickly decided to get in on the action himself! Purchasing his Basingstoke territory back in 2017 from another franchisee, he then continued to expand his empire to Scotland and we don’t think he’ll be stopping there!

Woman holding a trophy

Emma (Warrington Franchise)

Emma is a real advocate for the strong, single location franchisees. Her laser sharp focus has always been firmly placed on her one territory and this commitment means she grew the Warrington franchise from 0 to 50 regular clients in less than 6 months. Joining us back in 2017, Emma is very vocal about how the franchise has changed her life for the better giving her the work-life balance she always craved.

Woman holding a certificate

Angela (Stockport / Tameside / Oldham / Rochdale Franchises)

Last but certainly not least is the lovely Angela who has epitomised the word ‘consistency’ throughout her 7 years with us. Starting with one location and expanding to four over this period, and doing so with careful planning and precision has meant that we view her as one of our most reliable and trustworthy franchisees. We believe she could make a success out of any area with the commitment she shows and the wonderful relationship she forges with her clients and cleaners.

Fancy chatting to this lovely bunch?

If you’re interested in a Well Polished franchise, and think that speaking to one of our wonderful ambassadors would be a great next step – please don’t hesitate to contact our sales manager, Janine who can arrange this.  Click here to get in touch!