‘What Franchise’ have posted a great article on their website discussing the top 10 advantages of becoming a franchisee, and we wanted to list a few of our favourite reasons here!

Claim the rewards of your own work

With a franchise, you’re self employed, so any effort you put into running your own business will impact you directly, rather than benefiting someone else.  Basically – the more effort you put in, the more money you’ll make!

Risk avoidance

You will benefit from a proven business model and there will be systems that are set in place to follow. The good news is that all these systems will be tried and tested by the franchisor, which will have a wealth of experience and expertise.

Receive ongoing support

If you invest in a franchise, you will receive ongoing operational and emotional support from your franchisor. This is a big one for us – we believe the support and training we provide is unrivalled by our competitors!

Access to a protected territory

You will be given an exclusive and protected service area to operate, run and market your business. With a Well Polished franchise, you will be given an exclusive territory of up to 100,000 privately owned homes giving you a huge market to enter.


You can read the whole article by Tim Harris by clicking here.

One aspect that he doesn’t touch upon, and that we think is super important, is the likelihood of success! Compared to starting up alone, franchise businesses have a higher chance of becoming profitable. And that’s pretty obvious really, when you consider the expertise and reputation that comes with a franchise.

In these uncertain times, you may well be considering a career change and it’s worth exploring whether a franchise model is the right fit for you!